GO Themes Factory(Co-operation information)

All-win Plan for GO Launcher Themes Designing

The chance to penetrate the international market is provided to the UI designers through this plan. On one hand, the designers are in charge of the theme designing. On the other hand, we will help to make the designs become the installable themes, and promote them in the Google Play Store to the mobile phone users. The products are evaluated by the users all around the world, which is absolutely fair and open. The designers and us will benefit from the theme sales and separate the revenue.

The Cooperation ProcessDownload

Designers’ Work:

  • Submit the first draft
  • Internal examining
  • pass
  • Sign the contract
  • Submit all
  • Not pass
  • Alter the first draft

Internal Work:

  • Publish in google play for sale
  • In go store promotion
  • Profit separating by Natural Month