GO Themes Factory

Theme making process

  • ThemeFactory website
  • Edit images and color in each interface
  • Fill in theme info and upload theme preview
  • Package theme and download


  • 1.What is GO Launcher Theme

    GO Launcher theme is based on GO Launcher. You must install GO Launcher on your Android phone. More than 5000 themes up to now. You can DIY your personalized launcher with GO Launcher Theme.

  • 2.How to make a theme

    1. Click [Theme making] button on Homepage.
    2. Select module on navigation bar on the left, edit font color and element image on each interface. Check themes on preview zone while editing.
    3.After editing, click the [Package] button on toolbar.
    4. Fill in theme info and then click the [Package] button.
    5. After packaging, you can download themes to local and install it.

  • 3.How to apply themes

    1.You can download your completed themes and store in SD card to install, or use an apk installer to help you.
    2. When installed, the theme will not generate an icon in the launcher, you need to open the GO Launcher, then enter ‘Menu->Theme-> Installed’, click the theme thumbnail to apply.

  • 4.What is easy mode and advanced mode

    Easy mode: For the users who want to make simple themes and first time to use it. Make themes by following the guide
    Advanced mode: For the users who are familiar with theme making process or professional theme designers. Provide all elements and different resolution images to edit.

  • 5.How to fill in theme info

    Theme thumbnail: Displayed on GO Launcher theme page.
    Theme name: Name of the theme you’ve made.
    Keywords: Choose keywords of the theme, or you can input yourself.

  • 6.What is senior theme information

    Senior theme info is for professional theme designers to fill in to improve the quality and detail of the theme. You can choose the info to fill in, it will generate default information automatically while it’s empty.

  • 7.How to fill in senior theme information

    Theme icon: Displayed on phone’s app lists, default icon is GO Launcher’s icon. You can reupload one, size 72*72.
    Theme preview: Displayed on GO Launcher theme page. Generate desktop, app drawer, folder image, you can reupload them.
    Package name: Must be composed by the alphabet letters. Can't be modified after package. Can not be numbers or *+-/_? Symbols. Use a "." to separate package nameeg:petter.fourkey
    Theme version: Version of the theme, default is v1.0
    Theme designer: Designer’s name of the theme
    Blog: Designer’s blog site
    Feedback E-mail: Valid E-mail address which theme user can send feedbacks

  • 8.What is the multi-language theme info

    Fill in English, Chinese, Korean theme information which made by contract designers. After fill in all language, theme info will change by your phone’s language. It will help you to do international promotion. Other designers are not available for using this function for now.

  • 9.What's general and high–resolution image

    General and high resolution images are the same, just different pixels. If you want your theme adapt all kinds of phones, then you’d better make high–resolution image
    General image: Adapt normal resolution phone, only shown on such types of phone. eg: 480x854, 480x800 or even lower.
    High image: Adapt high resolution phone, only shown on such types of phone. eg: 960x640, 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x800 or even higher.

  • 10.How to use high resolution image function

    After editing general image then click [High] tab, upload high resolution image on the same element. If there’s not high resolution image then it will use general resolution image

  • 11.What if there’s no icons that I need

    You can upload apk file to add icons(only for login users). Step1: Search icon in the icon library first, if there’s not then upload an apk file. After uploading it will generate an icon in “My Application”.

  • 12.What’s difference between save and backup function

    Save function will save the theme elements to the server, you can find it in “My page” and continue editing it next time you login. When users start editing theme, it will save automatically to the server.Backup function is that you can backup themes to local as zip file. You can open it and continue editing it.

  • 13.What is recommended theme

    Recommended theme are share themes with others and allowed to be downloaded. You can also cancel recommended in “My theme”. Themes made by contract designers are not allowed to be recommended, please contact admin if you need.

  • 14.What is be upgraded themes

    Sometimes GO Launcher release a new version, it will have some UI changes. GO Themes Factory will be the first to support them to be edited, you can edit the theme and repackage.

  • 15.How can I import GO Launcher theme

    Enter “My page” and click [Import], then you can upload a GO Launcher theme which can continue editing it

  • 16.Can’t fill in Google Play version code

    From GO Themes Factory v1.7, version code will generate automatically. Start from 1, every time you package it, it will plus 1, no need to fill in.

  • 17.What's the meaning of publish?

    All-win Plan for GO Launcher Themes Designing is provided for all the lovers of GO Launcher. Once you have finished a theme ,unique and original , you can send us the theme apk by clicking the putton publish. Then we will check your themes and promote it on Google Play and GO Store after the themes satisfy our demands of the paid themes.

  • 18.Can the designers publish the themes which were not passed again ?

    If you continue to perfect your themes which were not passed , you can still publish the themes . We will check it as a new theme.

  • 19.Can the designers cooperate with GO DEV Team for free themes?

    Of course you can . When you click the button publish , we will check your themes submitted. If it satisfy our demands of free themes instead of the paid ones, we will contact you by email or direct message.

  • 20.What is .9.png

    It is a file format about non-distortion of bitmap graphics. A special kind of picture in Android development. It can be stretched in order to adapt multi-resolution devices.

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